Eta as “Sister Tone” by Kol Idromeno (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)

Eta as “Sister Tone” by Kol Idromeno (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)

Brentano, Elisabeth, et al. “Photographer Recreates Famous Paintings With Children With Down Syndrome.” The Mighty, Mighty Proud Media, 10 Nov. 2015, This article is written about a photographer who recreates famous paintings with children models who are Down Syndrome. This is not the first time a photographer or a company has used children with intellectual disabilities but this is my (Cassie Morla) first time seeing someone take it back into a time where people with DS or any disability were treated horrible on a bigger scale. This is important because there is no record (to my knowledge) of anything like this in which an original painting or photography from the past featured a child or an adult that was classified as “different.” A huge aspect of this is mainly because those whom were on the spectrum of any kind were put into mental institutions where they were starved, sleeping on the floors in cramped rooms, as well as just being ignored and or beaten. It is critical that people be aware that the circumstances that they were in weren’t correct as well as that theses people are humans and deserve the right to basic needs in which the past denied them.

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